Calling All Members in Germanton, Rural Hall, and King

Rural Hall

Calling all members in King, Rural Hall, and Germanton.

We have someone who’s expressed a desire to form a critique group in this area. If you’re interested, send an e-mail to Anne Civitano at

Writing with Anne

(WSW Board Member Anne Civitano has long been curating all sorts of writing tips, websites, and ideas. In this feature, Anne shares some of her “finds” with us.)

It’s summer. We’re having some fun here at WWA, trying to keep things light.

Don’t be one of these annoying writers.

How cool is this? A wheel of books at the London Museum.

On a more serious note, David Abrams linked to this fine update on the brouhaha over eBook pricing. This drama features Amazon vs. Hachette Publishing, with all kinds of celebrity authors (notably one of my favorites, Stephen Colbert) joining in the fuss.

If you didn’t see this Colbert bit, I hope you’ll find it entertaining and educational. (If you love it, there are more.)

Writing opportunity of the week.

Deadline: September 5…Prize: $1000, reading, publication, VIP access 2015 Festival…Entry fee: $20

The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival’s Poetry Contest is now open for submissions! Vijay Seshadri, the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for his 3 Sections collection, will judge. The winner will receive prize money, publication, and access to countless great panels and events at the next Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival (March 25-29, 2015). Nine finalists will receive a panel pass ($75 value) for the 2015 Festival. Submission details here.


Margaret Aslanis-Nystrom recently was pleased to see this comment from Google on her blog post “Ten Secrets to Being a Writer”.

Joe Morris will have his poem “Evening Clock” published in the upcoming technology theme issue of The Indian River Review.

Andrew Smiler recently posted an interesting article to his The Power of Good Men blog titled “The Power of Men’s Love.” Read it here.

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