Poetry All Over Downtown on the Eve of Bookmarks

Storefront by camelcitydispatch

Poetry and Art together in downtown storefronts – what a concept!

Associated Artists and Winston-Salem Writers have collaborated on the exciting ‘Storefronts Winston-Salem’ Project, set to be unveiled on the evening of Friday, September 5. Six store windows will house temporary full-scale art installations based on select poems from our Poetry in Plain Sight initiative. Artists were given a pool of poems based on a ‘storybook’ theme and were free to choose which poem inspired them to submit a visual entry to Associated Artists. Below are the six poems that are the Final Selections chosen by Associated Artists. We are so pleased to be a part of this inaugural installation in downtown Winston-Salem, happening on the eve of Bookmarks. Here are the selected poems:

  • “Rumors” by Jaki Shelton Green
  • “Night Fishing” by Kathryn Stripling Byer
  • “Tea Time at Loch Ness” by Tara Lynne Groth
  • “A Love Song” by Teri Hairston
  • “Picking Cherries Up Howell Hollow” by Hilda Downer
  • “The Calling (Part 1)” by John Thomas York

Mark your calendar for this event!  Readings of the poems will accompany the unveiling.

Storefronts WS

Grand Unveiling

Fri. Sept. 5, 7 p.m.

Location to be announced soon

We’ll provide a map and/or street address so that you can access all the windows during Gallery Hop.

Read all about Storefronts Winston-Salem here.

And speaking of Gallery Hop, check this out:

WSW is getting on our soapbox – literally, this time. As part of the September 5 Gallery Hop in the downtown arts district, we’re going to be reading (mostly) poetry nonstop on the sidewalk. We’ll be starting just after the Storefronts unveiling (see above) and reading as long as we have light and energy. The location will be in front of Chelsee’s Coffee, 533 N. Trade St. Come on down and hear some of your favorite local writers reading it old school!

And speaking of Poetry in Plain Sight, lots of news:

First, congratulations to all the poets selected for our August posters:

  • “Family Gravestones: Autumn, 2012″ by Joyce Brown
  • “Reclaiming the I” by Valerie Niemanfrom Wake Wake Wake
  • “I  Cliché You” by Glenn Cassidy
  • “Old Derelicts” by Alice Osborn

Now, we’re pleased to announce the September poets:

  • “Song” by Adrian Rice
  • “Sourwood” by Bill Griffin
  • “Owls on Runnymede” by Becky Gould Gibson
  • “Pharr Yarns” by Molly Rice from Mill Hill

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Our 4 Poems & a Party celebration for September will actually take place on Sat. Aug. 30 this time to avoid a conflict with Bookmarks. See event details in left column.

And the third round of Poetry in Plain Sight Bus Posters, made possible by an Innovative Projects Grant from Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County, were installed in July.  The grant keeps poetry in every WSTA bus for the year 2014. The poems on display in transit are:

  • “Biscuits” by Malinda Dunlap Fillingim
  • “The Heat” by Ross White
  • “Damage in a Straight Line” by Patricia Deaton
  • “We Perennials” by Rodney Holman

And speaking of the Arts Council, will you volunteer?

WSW is a proud member of the Arts Council, so we’re passing along this plea for volunteer help: “Please join us on the evening of August 27 for our Annual Phoneathon! You will be calling on fellow Arts Council supporters and enjoy an evening of camraderie, prizes and good food from local restaurants! All you need is your cell phone and the Arts Council staff will provide everything else!” (If you participate, be sure and let them know you’re with Winston-Salem Writers.)

And speaking of Bookmarks, here’s an Open Mic opportunity:

The Poetry Corner at Bookmarks will not only feature natiionally recognized poets, but will also offer open mic periods for local poets to read. There is a four-minute time limit for each reader. You’re encouraged to sign up at Bookmarks on Sept. 6. Open Mic times are 10:30 – 11:30, 12:00 – 12:30, 1:00 – 2:00, 2:30 – 3:00, and 3:30 – 5:00. The readings will be at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts Cafe & Excalibur Terrace on the first floor.

Writing with Anne

(WSW Board Member Anne Civitano has long been curating all sorts of writing tips, websites, and ideas. In this feature, Anne shares some of her “finds” with us.)

Jane Friedman and J.A. Konrath bring up interesting points about author advocacy and what the Publishing Guild could/should be up to.

Literary Rejections on Display will be just the site for those of us who either need to laugh about rejections, or those whose misery really loves company. I particularly love the rejections Joan Didion received from Good Housekeeping in 1967.

At The Story Prize blog, Ben Marcus writes a fine “Dear Writer” letter. I particularly responded to the parts near the end where he talks about the difference between validation and constructive criticism.

Here’s a cool writerly illustration: Grant Snyder’s idea of a writer’s retreat in the New York Times.

Writing opportunity of the week.


Deadline: September 30…Prize: $200 (each genre) and publication …Entry fee: $10

“Awards in fiction, nonfiction, and the James Baker Hall Memorial Prize in Poetry. Although the contest theme is open, we are especially interested in work that relates to our mission, which is promoting self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, and local economies. We are also interested in works by writers with a Southern connection, and works written with a Southern slant or that focus on Southern issues, people, and places. Winning entries, as well as finalists and semifinalists, are published in The New Southerner Literary Edition, available online and in print.” Entry details here.


Steve Mitchell and Carol Roan recently had an article titled “Writing from Experience: Using Your Body to Improve Your Story” published in the Writing and Wellness blog. You can read it here.

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