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Mattie Dorsey

Mattie Dorsey - Julia HeisMattie Dorsey aka Julia Heis

 1.) When did you first decide you wanted to write? I have always had a desire to write but never pursued it until my age and health left me unable to pursue other forms of activities.

2.) Tell us about your last publication.

“He Is” All that a man should be. This is really a dream, an answer to so many prayers.  You always hear women saying they want a good man, well here he is. Some women are never satisfied because after reading the book they say he is too good.

It seems we can’t accept that which is good without questioning and look for fault in it? Some of us are never satisfied. Although it is a fictional book the reactions are real.

3.) Where can we find it? (Amazon link, website, blog, etc.)

The book can be found on Amazon, e-bay and on the web site

4.) What do you enjoy about writing and why?

I enjoy the reactions I receive from my readers; I was told by one reader that she believes the book is about my life and that I am living a double life. When my readers get enjoyment from reading my books it’s uplifting to me.

5.) What’s your next project?

I am working on a children’s book, “Grandma Had A Stroke” which will be printed in English and Spanish. The book touches on:

1) An adult illness as seen by a child

2) The world of a child as seen by an adult

3) How adults deal with the illness of an adult as opposed to how a child deals with it

4) Religious beliefs

5) How faith in GOD can keep a family together

6.) What’s your favorite book at the moment?

The books that I am reading now are Miles from Home by Colleen Lanier and Concrete Jungle. One for enjoyment, one for motivation.

7.) If your most recent piece were music, what kind of music would it be?