Contest Winners

And The Winners Are...

Congratulations to all our open contest winners…

Flying South 2015
(Winners announced July 2015)


1st Place: “Through Tide, Time, and Turmoil” by Jennifer Bean Bower, Winston-Salem



1st Place: “Plywood Jesus” by W. Scott Thomason, Morton, Pennsylvania

2nd Place: “Their Crazy” by Susannah Cecil, Clemmons

3rd Place: “Hurricane Season” by Hampton Williams Hofer, Raleigh



1st Place: “Commit No Minor Treason” by Devin Bent, Santa Fe, New Mexico



1st Place: “Breast Stroke” by Janet Joyner, Winston-Salem

2nd Place: “A Single Page from the History of Hands” by Jennie Mejan, Winston-Salem

3rd Place: “Unquilting Be” by Deborah Johnson Wood, Winston-Salem

Honorable Mention: “Elizabethan Sonnet: Heron/Hope” by DD Upchurch, Pfafftown

Honorable Mention: “Young Cezanne Hears Too Much, Conceives ‘The Black Clock'” by Jennie Mejan, Winston-Salem

Honorable Mention: “Entreaty to Young Editors” by Alice Osborn, Raleigh



1st Place: “Altered Mental Status” by Keith Menhinick, Winston-Salem

2nd Place: “Shock Treatment and the Reluctant Traveler” by Mark Mathosian, Advance

3rd Place: “Felix and the Silver Surfer” by Gary Bolick, Clemmons


z10-Minute Play Contest
(Winners announced March 2015)

  • 1st Place:  Lela Chesson  for her play “Out in the Left Field”
  • 2nd Place: Ed Robson for his play “Delusional Disorder”
  • 3rd Place:  Marilynn Anselmi for her play “Making Connections”

Anthology Contest
(Winners announced May 2014)

  • FLASH FICTION (Judge: Erin Z. Bass)
    1st Place:  Grace Ellis for “Catwalk”
    2nd Place:  Janet Joyner for “Dawson Honeycutt”
    3rd Place:  Angell Caudill for “Hope Swirls”
  • POETRY (Judge: Scott Owens)
    1st Place:  Janet Joyner for “2 Yellow Leaves”
    2nd Place:  Steve Cushman for “Spring”
    3rd Place:  Mary Jo Balisteri for “Behind the Curtain”
  • SHORT STORY (Judge: Elizabeth Woodman)
    1st Place:  Janet Joyner for “Anna Greene’s Coke Break”
    2nd Place:  Joan Leotta for “The World Turned Upside Down”
    3rd Place:  Michele Tracy Berger for “The Invisible Son”
  • CREATIVE NONFICTION (Judge: Valerie MacEwan)
    1st Place:  Mark Havlik for “In a Word”
    2nd Place:  Lynn Veach Sadler for “Tourist Roulette in the New Russia”
    3rd Place:  Michele Tracy Berger for “Navigating the Man-cession”

10-Minute Play Contest
(Winners announced March 2014)

  • FIRST: “One Good Deed” by Jennifer Bower, WSW member, Winston-Salem, NC
  • SECOND: “Floral Deliveries” by Marilyn Barner Anselmi, Rocky Mount, NC
  • THIRD: “Five Silver, Five Gold” by Serena Cates, Acton, MA (WFU Student)

Anthology Contest
(Winners announced June 2013)

  • POETRY (Judge: Terri Kirby Erickson)
    FIRST: “Waves” Barbara Mellin
    SECOND: “Fissure” Peter Venable
    THIRD: “Not Yet” Cheryl Davis
    HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Farmhouse by the River” David Hill; “Silent Partner” Ed Robson
  • FICTION (Judge: Susan Woodring)
    FIRST: “The Homestead” Susan Williamson
    SECOND: “Preston Manor” Ray Morrison
    THIRD: “Destiny” Sheila Englehart
  • FLASH FICTION (Judge: Curtis Smith)
    FIRST: “Lost” Ray Morrison
    SECOND: “The Mate” Susan Williamson
    THIRD: “The Advantage of Being Married to a Know It All” Ray Morrison
    FIRST: “The Embrace” Barbara Buskirk
    SECOND: “Ironing Board” Barbara Mellin
    THIRD: “The First Name in My Gradebook” Barbara Mellin
    HONORABLE MENTION: “Migrating Penguins” Susan Williamson

10-Minute Play Contest
(Winners announced March 2013)

  • FIRST: “First Rodeo” L.B. Londagin, Chewelah, WA
  • SECOND: “The Hello” Tina L. Bubonovich, Clairton, PA
  • THIRD: “First Kiss” Robert Wallace, Durham, NC

Anthology Contest
(Winners Announced June 2012)

  • POETRY (Judge: Malaika King Albrecht)
    FIRST: “Longevity of Transient Things” Robert Vorsteg
    SECOND: “Green Memory’s Table” Jennifer Stevenson
    THIRD: “Moon” Steve Cushman
    HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Turkey Buzzard” David Hill and “Throwing Stones″ Kathie Fansler
  • CREATIVE NONFICTION (Judge: Andrea Brill)
    FIRST: “Approaching Death” Kimberly Condon
    SECOND: “Pretty Mary” Tony Lindsay
    THIRD: “As Usual” Nancy Bruce
  • SHORT STORY (Judge: Sheryl Monks)
    FIRST: “Clara” Barbara Engler Buskirk
    SECOND: “Obituary Man” Robin Chalkley
    THIRD: “Atlanta Amble Ramble Ding Dong” David Hill
    HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Fishing with Aida” and “Final Note” both Edwin Bouldin
  • FLASH FICTION (Judge: Chris Roerden)
    FIRST: “Gotta Be Bobby G” Robin Chalkley
    SECOND: “Waiting” Tony Lindsay
    THIRD: “Ancestors” Tony Lindsay
    HONORABLE MENTION: “That’s All That’s Left” Geoff Penney

Essay Contest
(Winner announced March 2012)
WINNER: Guy T. Montgomery

10-Minute Play Contest
(Winners announced March 2012)
FIRST: “The pit”  Charles Fiore
SECOND: “Disabilities”  Richard Krawiec
THIRD: “The Price of Admission”  Ed Robson.

Anthology Cover Contest
(Winner announced July 2011)
WINNER: Geoff Penney

Anthology Contest
(Winners Announced June 2011)

  • OVERALL WINNER   (Judge: Emily-Sarah Lineback)
    “Death of a House”  Arthur Hondros
  • POETRY   (Judge: Joe Mills)
    FIRST:  “The Trunk”  Claude Limoges
    SECOND:  “The Rock I Haven’t Found”    Claude Limoges
    THIRD: “Good Friday at God’s Acre”  David Hill
    HONORABLE MENTION: “Into Now”  Claude Limoges and “New Home and Child on Arbor Road in 1937″  Bill Pfefferkorn
  • CREATIVE NONFICTION   (Judge: Anna Fields)
    FIRST:  “Death of a House”  Arthur Hondros
    SECOND: “Flying Lessons” Jennifer Stevenson
    THIRD:  “Keeping Score”  John Korzen
    HONORABLE MENTION: “A  Warm August Wind”  Kathy Mendenhall and “My Journey”  Barbara Engler Buskirk
  • SHORT STORY   (Judge: Leigh Somerville)
    FIRST:  “The Face of the Earth”  Claude Limoges
    SECOND:  “Steady Rain”  Ray Morrison
    THIRD:  “Rose and Thistle”  Steve Mitchell
    HONORABLE MENTION: “The Iron Rose”  Claude Limoges
  • FLASH FICTION   (Judge: Ginger Hendricks)
    FIRST:  “The Kiss of Death”  Robin Chalkley
    SECOND:  “Gone But Not Forgotten”  Tony Lindsay
    THIRD: “Hereafter Heart”  Bonnie Davis

Text-to-Stage 10-Minute Play Contest
(Winners announced March 2011)
FIRST: “First Last Date”  John Korzen
SECOND: “Betrayal”  Al Perry
THIRD: “First Parsonage”  Marta Felber and “Leave It Out”  Tony Lindsay.

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